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A Mission for Michael (AMFM) is a premier clinic specializing in Seattle mental health treatment services. Our clinicians offer patient-oriented...

A Mission for Michael (AMFM) is a premier clinic specializing in Seattle mental health treatment services. Our clinicians offer patient-oriented care and support to each patient in recovery and create tailored treatment plans to help them garner the best outcome in recovery. Here are a few signs that warn the need for mental health treatment:

  1. You Suffer From Sleep-Related Problems

Up to 80% of people with depression struggle with insomnia, early morning awakening, and irregular sleeping patterns. While some people often overlook these symptoms, these will often correlate to various mental health problems. Individuals who suffer from recurring nightmares and other sleep disruptions must seek help for anxiety or posttraumatic stress disorder.

  1. Changes In Appetite

If you find yourself indulging in excessive eating or experiencing a lack of appetite, you may suffer from mental health problems like depression, PTSD, anorexia, etc. Changes in appetite are a sign of coping with excess stress, and it is pivotal that you seek timely help from one of the seasoned anxiety and depression therapists.

  1. Mood Swings

If you find your moods changing constantly or not often enough, it can warn the presence of a mental health problem. If you feel constantly irritable, sad, anxious, unusually happy, or excited, it may be time to join a rehab for depression. Most people suffering from anxiety, PTSD, or depression suffer from poor moods than usual and feel blah on most days. Leaving your mood swings untreated for long can interfere with your decision-making abilities and prevent you from leading a healthy and active life.

  1. Excessive Fear

Experiencing fearful thoughts, worries, panic, physiological body sensations, anxiety, etc., are some of the causes of concern. If your anxiety disorder causes more stress than you can cope with, you must seek help from a professional anxiety treatment center. Excessive fear can lead to suicidal tendencies in some individuals. If you experience self-harming tendencies or suicidal thoughts, seek inpatient treatment for depression at the earliest.

  1. Struggling With Stress

While the symptoms of mental health disorders vary from one person to another, stress can take many forms like muscle tension, headaches, upset stomach, and GI distress. It can worsen the existing medical condition in some patients. If you suffer from unexplained body aches or digestive problems, it may be time to meet a psychiatrist.

  1. Fraying Relationships

Individuals battling mental health problems often withdraw from social activities and feel disconnected from the world. They avoid people, struggle to make relationships work, and experience guilt, shame, sadness, loss, and loneliness. If you can correlate with any of these symptoms, it may be time to speak to a professional about your mental health.

  1. Changing Behavior

If you abuse alcohol or rely on drugs to numb the pain or symptoms of your mental health issues, you need to talk to a professional sooner than later.

The benefits of mental health treatment can pay off in the long term. Call 844-259-7060 to verify your insurance with us. Ranked as the #1 Seattle mental health treatment facility, A Mission for Michael (AMFM) treats conditions such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, major depressive disorder, severe anxiety disorders, schizoaffective disorder, addiction, etc.

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