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We are deeply committed to transforming lives through comprehensive and compassionate care. The experiences and outcomes shared by our clients highlight the profound impact of our personalized treatment approach. These testimonials offer a glimpse into the journey of healing and the positive changes that unfold when individuals are supported by our dedicated team. Read on to discover how our programs have helped pave the way to lasting wellness for so many.

" I can't see how I could have done it any other way "

I was so nervous at first… now, I can’t see how I could have done it any other way. Thank you AMFM!

" I firmly believe that this experience has saved my life "

I am sincerely grateful to all of those at AMFM who have helped me change my life. I am not exaggerating when I say that I firmly believe that this experience has saved my life.

" I recommend this program for anyone struggling "

I recommend this program for anyone struggling with mental health, it’s not a journey that is meant to be gone through alone.

" It's been life changing "


It’s been life changing… I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

" I am a different person than when I came in here "

Overall it was an excellent experience. I am a different person than when I came in here and I am very grateful for that. It was a lot of work on my end and I believe it was crucial on my end with the facilitators and peers.

" It was something that I needed to start healing from the inside "

I loved the program. It was something that I needed to start healing from the inside – through music therapy, reiki, and yoga. The staff was amazing, but I feel ready to go. And the chef? The best I have ever experienced!

" I have learned a lot of tools from everyone while in treatment "

I have learned a lot of tools from everyone while in treatment. My therapist, case manager and the House CCs were very accommodating, I feel great!

" I can now finally see a future for myself "


Thank you to all the staff I worked with here for confirming that this program was right for me. I can now finally see a future for myself and I have never been happier…


The feedback and insights from our clients and their families as they reflect the effectiveness and compassion of our treatment programs. The reviews below are reflections from individuals who have engaged with our services pulled directly from our online platforms, providing you with accounts of their experiences in their own words and the supportive environment we foster. These reviews help us continuously improve and validate the trust placed in our care.

Amazing place! From the compassionate staff to the comfortable environment, every aspect exceeded my expectations. The staff went above and beyond to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere where I felt heard and understood. They provided a safe space for healing and I highly recommend AMFM to anyone seeking compassionate and effective treatment.
I really feel that AMFM set me up for success when I got out of the treatment bubble. I left with skills and knowledge about my conditions that I will take with me into my recovery. I’m very appreciative of my time there.
I could not have asked for a better experience to get my mind and life back in order. I will be grateful for the staff and this opportunity for the rest of my life. I have a second chance at life.
My adult daughter suffered a severe traumatic psychotic break and was hospitalized (involuntarily) for 7 days. She was about to be released and we needed to immediately find an Intensive Residential Treatment facility to transfer her to based on the advice of the attending psychiatrist at the hospital. All of this was new to us. Our daughter was still very much suffering, confused and in denial. In her altered state of mind at the time, she did not believe she was being helped (quite the opposite actually) and wanted to refuse any additional treatment. By the grace of God, we found A Mission for Michael and in particular, Trey Napoli in Admissions. He quickly arranged for a smooth transition and in a matter of hours our daughter was on her way to AMFM. Every single day, her caring clinical team worked with my daughter on recovery. Every single day my daughter *chose* to stay another day (she could have left at any time). Today my daughter has transitioned to IOP (Intensive Outpatient Program) and is continuing her recovery day by day. I am forever grateful to Trey and the staff in the Intensive Residential Program. I do not believe our daughter would be with us today if it weren't for this team of professionals. Our journey has not been without its bumps and AMFM is not perfect, but we are eternally grateful, as the things that really mattered were done extremely well. I highly recommend A Mission for Michael's Intensive Residential Treatment Program. Shout out to Stefanni G, our daughter's therapist. She was kind, caring, dedicated and always made time for us. Shout out to Yassi O, our daughter's case manager. She had a tough job! Shout out to Kelvin at the front desk. He was always kind, professional and extremely courteous towards us, even as our daughter thought she was "against us" during her altered state of mind. And shout out again to Trey Napoli, without whom none of this would have happened. Really and truly, thank you to all at AMFM. Your work is very much appreciated.
After having to leave school because of covid and an increasing struggle with his depression and anxiety we honestly felt so hopeless as a family. We found AMFM and the entire experience was SUCH A RELIEF. The admissions process was clear cut and professional. Their covid precautions are top notch and make you feel safe. I see a lot of negativity about the phone policy and outings. I guess people are unaware we are in a global pandemic. We were very pleased that our brother/son would be focusing on his treatment rather than on his device all day. The staff explained everything to us and the therapy he received was so so helpful. He can function and is happy and participate in life in a way we haven't seen in years! Thank you AMFM!
I graduated AMFM about a month ago. AMFM gave me a new perspective on my life. It showed me ways to overcome all my challenges. Whether it be a little thing or a big step, I’m capable of choosing how I want to handle things. They gave me a new insight on how to love myself and choose me first. AMFM helped me decide what really matters and how I can benefit from everything life has to offer. I appreciate the staff that helped me. AMFM is a game changer and helped get me to where i wanted to be in life. Thank you all for the love and support I needed. I now have that for myself.
Our son is 23 and has both mental illness and substance abuse issues. His problems derailed his life and education as he went through a series of rehabs and mental facilities. We had reached the end of our rope when Dr. James Tracy, a national expert on dual diagnosis, sent us to AMFM. The staff are highly trained and motivated. It's clearly more than a job for these folks and the facility has to be seen to be believed....a very special environment. We aren't delusional and we know that our son has to proceed day by day with his recovery. A Mission for Michael is a lifeline and my wife and I can't say enough about the staff. This is a place where they understand your loved one and will have expectations of progress and lots of accountability. Than you AMFM!
I had a sibling attend this treatment facility and it really did wonders. The staff was so patient and understanding. They really benefitted from the groups and the extra support. This facility really knows how to treat people.
I am the mother of an adult child who has suffered with mental illness since she was young. She is presently in treatment at A Mission for Michael. This review is my opinion of their admission process. From my first inquiry, Bruce has been my angel. He spent a long time on the phone with me answering endless questions and learning about my daughter. However, my daughter refused treatment for days and days. Bruce checked in with me every couple of days. Their intake coordinator made 4 phone calls until my daughter decided to talk to her/him. She agreed to go to treatment once she believed she could not live with me. All this to say, A Mission for Michael never gave up on my child. OK, you might say they just wanted the money, but get this, they even helped me find other resources! She is in treatment now, and I'm praying that something gets to her soul and spirit to make the most of this admission.
Hello all! I just wanted to write this review in the hopes that someone else will also decide to take the next step on their mental health journey at AMFM. I spent a lot of time in and out of other treatment facilities and really felt like I wasn't being properly cared for or my needs understood until I got here! You really don't think about things like staff-patient ratios, qualifications, or even google ratings until you go to a place that REALLY sucks so I would definitely recommend coming here. Very friendly, very helpful, and actually willing to help you make progress.
I will be forever grateful for AMFM and everything it has done for me personally. As a broken individual without hope, it equipped me with invaluable tools and understanding which gave me the chance to live a life filled with purpose and meaning. Cannot thank you guys enough for the support that reshaped my future.
Amazing place! From the compassionate staff to the comfortable environment, every aspect exceeded my expectations. They provided a safe space for healing and I highly recommend AMFM to anyone seeking compassionate and effective mental health treatment.
I had been caring for my niece and honestly didn't understand what I was getting into. AMFM was a god send and were able to help her with her mental health, better than I could have imagined. They taught her how to cope with her depression and set her up with a care team after she left! I can't say enough about this program!
My sister attended the outpatient program and really benefited from it. She was able to get the services she needed while still attending work and other responsibilities, I would highly recommend and of their programs for your friends or family members who are struggling or need extra support.

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