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Our facilities are an integral part of the treatment process at A Mission for Michael. AMFM’s homes offer an inspiring environment for those making a difficult transition. Knowledge and experience have taught us that treatment facilities must be managed well in order to be effective. AMFM hand selects our House Managers knowing that they are engaging, supportive of all clients, enforce rules, maintain respectful boundaries and, of course, know how to have fun!

We provide a way for our clients to make the transition back to a normal life with a daily routine, but also take crucial steps to be a stable environment for individuals who need a good place to work on behavioral habits and coping mechanisms that improve their mental health.

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Our treatment facilities are open to highly-motivated individuals who want to work hard, improve their mental health, and stay sober. A great transitional living home continues what treatment started by neutralizing the living environment for individuals to feel safe and supported during the difficult and sometimes confusing transition back into normal life. Work, family and other stresses from a daily routine are minimized in order to increase success.

Rent is paid on a month-by-month basis and we provide food to residents. We know that helping our residents maintain a healthy diet is essential to the healing process because it promotes both mental and emotional health.