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We offer gender-inclusive residential treatment and outpatient treatment both online and in-person for adults eighteen years and older seeking primary mental health treatment and co-occurring disorders. Each individual will receive a comprehensive psychiatric evaluation and will have a weekly treatment team meeting where the individual’s care team, including their psychiatrist, primary therapist, case manager, and nursing, meet with the client to address treatment progress, goals, and medication management to improve the individuals quality of life and advance treatment outcomes.
We provide medication management and education, life skills training, group therapy, and individualized therapy with a designated treatment team. Our clinical team utilizes a variety of modalities, including CBT, RO-DBT, Somatic Experiencing, Psychodrama, Expressive Arts Therapy, reality testing, and more. Clients are exposed to and attend various recovery-oriented peer support groups daily.
We build custom treatment plans using a variety of treatment modalities with the knowledge that these are the tools our clients need to find lasting healing and ultimately to change lives.
Virginia residential homes are staffed with specialized services to ensure a holistic approach, including physical therapy, yoga, and meditation, certified physical fitness instructors, and a private chef that provides healthy meal planning and cooking classes.
Online outpatient mental health treatment is also accessible to residents in Virginia State via our outpatient program, Mission Connection.