We specialize and treat a variety of mood and thought disorders.

At AMFM, we see you.

At AMFM, we see you. We understand there’s a person behind the diagnoses and symptoms. Our compassionate team will tailor a healing path that feels right for you, blending expertise with empathy to guide you through your recovery. Here, your story matters, and together, we’ll find the way forward.

Mental health treatment is often simplified to a formula: 

Diagnosis + Predetermined Treatment = Recovery.

The problem is that many people feel unheard and unseen by this approach- it leaves them wondering why the formula doesn’t work for them. AMFM is different. We know the flaw isn’t in you—it’s in the approach. 

We see the person behind the diagnosis. Here, you’re not a patient with a condition to cure, you’re a human with a life worth rebuilding. Our tailored support and expert staff will embrace you in all your strengths and struggles.

Our Philosophy

Our core values are embedded in every aspect of our approach to mental health treatment.


We reject the idea that clients are “treatment-resistant.” Instead, we believe that we need to be treatment persistent. We start with determination on day one and maintain that resolve- and we believe we can foster lasting change for anyone who asks for help.


The heart and soul of recovery is a connection with oneself, family, and community. When we reinforce these connections, we make sure our clients have a strong support system- both while they’re with us and after they leave.

Going the Extra Mile:

We’re not just here to provide care- we’re here to provide the best care. We’re proactive about meeting our clients’ needs instead of reactively playing catch-up.  Because we go the extra mile, we’re always looking for ways to improve their experience and their outcomes.

Details Matter:

The smallest details can matter the most. We take pride in thinking through every aspect of our services so that nothing is left to chance. We believe that lots of little details add up to a big difference in care.


Even though we’re experts, we know there’s always room to learn and grow. We stay open-minded, continuously seeking out and applying breakthrough innovations and methods. That way, we can always be confident we’re offering the best possible care to our clients.

Every aspect of what we do at AMFM is based on these five principles, from the services we offer to how we treat each guest.

Our Approach

AMFM’s strategy for mental health recovery breaks through traditional treatment methods.

Here’s how:

Personalized Care:

We can’t build a plan that will work for you unless we take the time to get to know you. And since every recovery journey begins with a story, we start by listening intently to yours. Through comprehensive assessments, we dive deep into understanding how you ended up where you are- your symptoms, your history, your struggles, and your strengths. What have you tried before? What approaches feel like they align with your values? Equipped with this deep dive into everything you, we create a treatment plan that exactly matches your strengths and challenges. Our treatment plans are living documents, evolving as you progress, ensuring that your care remains as dynamic and unique as you are.

Beyond the Medical Model:

Sure, medication can play a crucial role in recovery– but it shouldn’t be the sole focus. Our emphasis is on evidence-based, compassionate approaches that explore and address the root causes of distress, complemented by medication when necessary. Our care tackles both the symptoms and the underlying issues, fostering a more sustainable path to wellness.

An Array of Treatment Options:

Even the most effective treatments will never be one-size-fits-all, which is why AMFM offers a range of treatment options. From Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) to Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) and beyond, our treatments are as varied as the individuals we serve. If a treatment is known to be effective and helpful, we want to have it on hand for our clients.

Community and Experiential Learning:

Healing doesn’t happen in isolation. It thrives in connection and real-world experiences. At AMFM, we weave community engagement and experiential learning into the fabric of our treatment plans. We believe in creating opportunities where clients can apply their learnings, rebuild their confidence, and forge meaningful connections with the world around them. An integrated approach not only enhances recovery but also helps incorporate sustainable wellness practices into everyday life.

AMFM is about more than just treatment; it’s about transformation. We’re committed to walking with you on your journey to recovery, providing the personalized care, groundbreaking modalities, and community connections you need to rewrite your story.

World-Class Expertise

We know we’re only as good as the care we’re able to provide. That’s why we made sure we had a strong partner in the Beck Institute, the globally recognized leader in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). This partnership helps form our overarching care approach and improves our ability to integrate evidence-based intervention into every aspect of care. 


Although we’re proud of our partnership with Beck Institute, we’re no one-trick pony – we know the importance of a comprehensive therapeutic toolkit. That’s why we make sure we’re staffed with clinicians who are experts in a wide range of approaches. This dual approach allows us to craft a truly personalized and dynamic recovery experience for anyone who walks through our doors.


Here’s more about how we stay on the cutting edge of mental health treatments:

Beck Institute Partnership:

The Beck Institute is recognized worldwide for their work pioneering Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, considered the gold-standard of treatment by many clinicians. More recently, they’ve been working on Recovery-Oriented Cognitive Therapy (CTR), a model emphasizing each client’s inherent strengths and motivations to foster resilience and progress. By integrating the principles of CTR into our programs, we provide a strengths-based, progressive framework for recovery.

The Beck Institute has designed a customized AMFM training programs for our therapists and direct care staff, so that anyone who comes into contact with clients and guests are equipped to support the CTR approach effectively.

A Spectrum of Clinical Expertise:

Our treatment philosophy is based on Beck and CTR, but our teams’ clinicians are fluent in a much broader range of therapies. The team at our clinic is proficient in everything from EMDR to DBT. Having this wide selection of modalities lets us provide flexible, tailored treatment plans that can address a variety of mental health conditions.

Our partnership with the Beck Institute, along with our clinicians’ extensive expertise, sets AMFM apart in the mental health care landscape. We combine world-class foundational techniques with a comprehensive array of therapeutic approaches so we can deliver a nuanced, individualized approach to recovery.

Whole-Person Wellness

There’s no part of you that doesn’t influence your mental health, and vice versa. Human beings can’t be separated into physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual components; we’re always everything at once. At AMFM, we shape our approach to recovery with this comprehensive understanding, making sure that all parts of you are thriving.

Nutrition and Physical Wellness:

The food we eat plays a big role in how well we feel. Our chefs make meals that nourish the body and help us feel good mentally and emotionally. The “food as medicine” philosophy is a cornerstone of our health and nutrition program, taking full advantage of the way diet affects mental health.

Mental and Emotional Resilience:

Our goal isn’t just to fix the problems you came in with, but to help you become more resilient mentally and emotionally. With personalized therapy and supportive group dynamics, we explore and reframe narratives that challenge wellbeing. To help you navigate life’s challenges with confidence, we’ll provide the tools and insights you need to feel empowered and confident. In more ways than one, you’ll leave feeling stronger than when you came.

Start Your Healing Journey With AMFM

Your story deserves a space where it’s heard and valued. At AMFM, we offer a tailored recovery path that respects your individuality, addresses your needs holistically, and delivers the highest quality treatment possible.

Ready to take the first step? Together, we can begin the next chapter in your life.