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AMFM will help you and your family maximize your insurance benefits. Our team will check insurance coverage and determine the benefits available to you for mental health services.

We also have private pay options. If you would rather speak to an agent instead of filling out our secure online form, call us to speak with a dedicated specialist.

Insurance benefits vary greatly depending on the policy you have, so we obtain a detailed quote of your coverage. It usually takes between sixty to ninety minutes depending on how fast we can connect with your insurance company and the time of day.

Insurance We Accept

We understand that managing the financing and cost for adult therapy can significantly influence access to treatment. AMFM collaborates with leading health insurance plans to support our clients and their families in accessing the most effective and compassionate mental healthcare. Below are just a few of the insurance providers we partner with to ensure our clients receive the highest quality care possible.

This is not an exhaustive list. We also accept many more insurance providers not listed. Our dedicated team can quickly verify if an insurance policy is able to be utilized for care with AMFM.