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We are a group of healthcare professionals with established experience and commitment to providing the best treatment for those who suffer from mental illness and co-occurring disorders by using a biological, psychological and social Dual Diagnosis model for the foundation of our comprehensive curriculum.

A Mission for Michael is designed to help people who suffer from mental disorders heal and recover to help regain stability in their lives. We help individuals build a foundation of behavioral and lifestyle changes that drastically reduce the effects of mental illness.
– Our Mission Statement

After the tragic loss of a beloved son due to mental illness, A Mission for Michael was created with the vision of preventing such hopelessness in the lives of others. Our team is comprised of individuals who have both the qualifications and the passion to take care of severe mental illness. In the field of mental healthcare, A Mission for Michael is unique. Combining compassionate, individualized care with clinical expertise, we provide solutions for individuals and their families to overcome the struggles of mental illness.


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We are dedicated and experienced healthcare professionals. Many residential treatment programs are staffed by individuals with little to no clinical experience or certifications. A Mission for Michael is different. We employ clinicians who have a Master’s or Doctorate-level education in mental healthcare. You can expect that staff members who direct group, family, and individual therapy are highly qualified and experienced in order to give evidence-based, up-to-date treatment that yields results.

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We treat, heal, and strive to prevent any damaging behavioral issues that result from mental illness. Many mental health facilities and “dual diagnosis” programs out there will claim that they offer comprehensive care; however, the truth is that they primarily treat substance abuse and perhaps minor anxiety and depression as well. A Mission for Michael is truly qualified to deal with mental health challenges at any level. Our clients aren’t limited to people who are feeling “burned out.” We treat severe mental health conditions, including:


  • Schizophrenia
  • Bipolar Disorder
  • Major Depressive Disorder (MDD)
  • Severe Anxiety Disorders
  • Schizoaffective Disorder
  • Addiction
  • And Much More…
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We also strive to create environments that are safe, comfortable and conducive to healing. This means that we mold our program to fit individuals and we don’t attempt to conform individuals to our program.

We offer a 45-day program with the option to extend. This allows us to comprehensively treat specific mental health disorders, and co-occurring behavioral and compulsive disorders, such as addiction, which are often found together with mental illness.