We specialize and treat a variety of mood and thought disorders.

If every day is a battle with anxiety, it might be time for reinforcements.

For some people, “anxiety” means more than just an occasional worry; it means an endless struggle that is exhausting, overwhelming, and crippling. Anxiety, unchecked, can wreak havoc on your goals, distort your thoughts, and isolate you from people and things you care about. 

When the struggle gets this intense, casual self-care tips and well-meaning advice won’t cut it. You need something more—something capable of helping you take back your life from the control of anxiety. 

That’s where we come in. 

At AMFM, we specialize in helping people when anxiety seems to be taking over their lives. Because your experience with anxiety is different from anyone else’s, your treatment plan should be, too. You need reinforcements that include expert strategies, a supportive community, and a tailored approach to your situation. With AMFM, you’re not just getting treatment; you’re gaining allies in your fight against anxiety, ready to help you navigate towards a life where you’re in control again.

Understanding Anxiety

Being human means facing stress. It’s a natural part of life, triggered by anything from work deadlines to life-threatening situations. Stress is our body’s biological response to pressure or danger, designed to give us a push to face challenges and then fade away once the situation is resolved.

When you have anxiety, your body’s stress responses don’t go away when the challenge does- or they’re triggered by everyday events (like going to the store) instead of a real threat.

Anxiety vs Everyday Stress

This mental and physiological overreaction to stress isn’t uncommon- in fact, 4% of people in the world suffer from anxiety disorders.  Anxiety can be rooted in many things – genetics, traumatic experiences, or chronic high stress, to name a few – but can show itself in different ways.

Anxiety vs Everyday Stress

Symptom Anxiety Everyday Stress
Feeling nervous or on edge
Difficulty concentrating or mind going blank
Muscle tension or headaches
Racing heart or rapid breathing
Difficulty controlling worry or fear, even in non-threatening situations
Persistent trouble sleeping
Panic attacks
Avoidance of social situations due to fear of judgment or embarrassment
Physical symptoms without a clear cause (e.g., heart palpitations, trembling)
Sense of impending doom or dread

This mental and physiological overreaction to stress isn’t uncommon- in fact, 4% of people in the world suffer from anxiety disorders.  Anxiety can be rooted in many things – genetics, traumatic experiences, or chronic high stress, to name a few – but can show itself in different ways.

The following are examples of how anxiety might present itself in your life:

Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD)​​

You find yourself worrying about everything, big or small, to the point where it’s hard to focus on daily tasks. It’s like your mind is constantly racing with “what if” scenarios. Even when your brain isn’t circling worries, it feels like your body is stuck in stress mode, making it impossible to relax.

Social Anxiety Disorder​​

The thought of social interactions makes your stomach turn. You might avoid parties, meetings, or even running errands because you’re afraid of being judged or embarrassed. Whenever you do something social, it feels like everyone is watching and evaluating your every move- and even if they’re not, you’ve got your own constant self-evaluations keeping you from enjoying the moment.

Panic Disorder​

Out of nowhere, you’re hit with waves of panic, complete with chest pain, heart palpitations, and a feeling of losing control. These panic attacks can happen at any time, making you live in fear of the next unexpected wave.


Specific things or situations, like heights, flying, or spiders, trigger intense fear and avoidance. This isn’t just dislike; it’s a deep-rooted fear that dictates your choices and restricts your freedom.

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)​

You’re caught in cycles of repetitive thoughts or behaviors, such as excessive cleaning or checking that the door is locked, driven by fears that something bad will happen if you don’t comply with these rituals.

If you recognize yourself in any of these descriptions, you’ve probably tried to handle it on your own and found out how tough anxiety is to beat without help. Worrying about worrying just ends up making things worse. That’s where getting a pro involved can really make a difference- at AMFM, our experts can guide you as you get your life feeling more balanced again.

Why Choose AMFM for Anxiety Treatment

At AMFM, we see your journey through anxiety not just as a path back to “normal,” but as an opportunity to rebuild your life exactly how you envision it. Here, it’s not only about therapy sessions or the right medication—though we excel in those—it’s about supporting you holistically, ensuring every aspect of your treatment feels right for you.

Our approach is far from one-size-fits-all. We dive deep into understanding who you are beyond your anxiety, crafting a care plan that resonates with your personal story, challenges, and goals. Our whole-person, evidence-based, patient-centric approach sets us apart from diagnosis-driven models that focus on medicines but overlook people.

Choosing AMFM means partnering with a team that is totally committed to seeing you succeed. We’ll help you rediscover your strengths and move forward with confidence, knowing you’re not alone on this journey.

What Sets AMFM Apart

At AMFM, we blend clinical expertise with human connection to create a warm healing environment for those dealing with anxiety. 

Here’s a closer look at what makes our approach so uniquely effective:

Focused Care: Our optimal patient-to-staff ratio ensures that you receive dedicated attention, tailoring our support to fit your journey perfectly.

Tranquil Settings: Nestled in serene locations, our centers offer a calm sanctuary for healing, grounding you in peace as you work through your anxiety.

Anxiety Specialists: Our team brings specialized knowledge in treating anxiety, providing you with expert care that understands the depth of your experience.

Partnership with the World-Renown Beck Institute: This collaboration enriches our treatment arsenal with cutting-edge strategies, ensuring you benefit from the latest advancements in mental health care.

Nutrition as Healing: Led by our ‘food as medicine’ chefs, our nutritional approach integrates physical wellness into your mental health journey, offering meals that support your overall well-being.

Customized Treatment Plans: Recognizing the uniqueness of your path, we offer flexible treatment options that are as dynamic as your own story, ensuring the approach is tailored specifically to you.

Beck Institute Training: Every member of our staff, from our frontline caregivers to our therapists, benefits from training by the Beck Institute, guaranteeing a uniformly high standard of cognitive therapy practices throughout our care.

This combination makes AMFM a place you can turn to for support and care as you work towards health in every area of your life.

Our Approach To Anxiety Treatment at AMFM

Having a wide-angle approach to treating anxiety is key to what we do at AMFM. Here’s how we make sure your experience is both rewarding and effective:

Tailored Care

We know we treat human beings, not diagnoses or symptoms. That’s why we begin with a comprehensive assessment to map out a unique gameplan. By following this process, every aspect of your care is customized to you, from symptom relief to addressing the root causes of your anxiety. Our goal is to equip you with the tools you need today, while also exploring the issues that fuel your anxiety and providing lasting solutions.

Treatment Modalities

There are a lot of different treatment options available in our toolbox, designed to meet the diverse needs of those we serve. Here’s a glimpse into some of the approaches and interventions that might form the backbone of our treatment plans:

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

A cornerstone of our overall program, helping individuals reshape thought patterns that contribute to anxiety.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)

Offers strategies for taking anxiety’s grip off the wheel in your life, emphasizing mindfulness, distress tolerance, and interpersonal effectiveness.

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)

A clinically proven method for processing and healing from trauma, reducing the emotional impact of traumatic memories that might contribute to anxiety.

Comprehensive Trauma Recovery (CTR)

Integrates various approaches to address the complex needs of those affected by trauma.

Individual Therapy

Tailored sessions focused on personal growth and resolving specific challenges in a supportive, one-on-one setting.

Group Therapy:

Provides a space for healing through shared experiences, building connections, and developing new coping strategies within a community.

Flexibility and openness mean we’re always ready to explore and adopt the methods that best support your wellness journey. Our approach balances addressing both the immediate, distressing symptoms of anxiety and the deeper, underlying causes, so people can focus fully on getting well.

Supportive Environment

Our inpatient residential environments are more than just a place of tranquility; they’re a place where connection, belonging and understanding are key to healing anxiety. Therapists who specialize in anxiety work closely with their clients to dig deep and find out what causes their anxiety. Group therapy sessions offer a sense of solidarity that combats the isolation anxiety often causes. The safe and accepting spaces we provide are crucial for trying new things and building confidence, especially for people with social anxiety. This warm setting not only supports treatment but also builds community and inspires personal growth, making it possible to tackle the challenges of anxiety together. 

Our program is designed to give you the best possible path to recovery and well-being. With AMFM, you’re guaranteed to get anxiety treatment that’s effective, caring, and always centered on you.