At AMFM, a strong relationship with your therapist, combined with other supportive measures, can lead to lasting changes.

Individual therapy, tailored for you on your path to healing

In individual therapy, you work one-on-one with a therapist in a safe, caring, and confidential environment. It’s a big part of AMFM’s inpatient treatment, and it can help with all kinds of mental health issues. With your therapist, you’ll explore your feelings, beliefs, and behaviors, work through challenging or influential memories, identify parts of your life that you’d like to change, and work toward desired goals. There’s more to individual therapy than just symptom relief- it also fosters deep personal growth, understanding of self, and lasting recovery.

Our Approach

At AMFM, we don’t do cookie-cutter therapy. We know that everyone’s journey is unique, which is why our therapy is tailored to fit your specific needs, goals, and circumstances. We’ll take the time to really get to know you, build a strong therapeutic relationship based on trust and respect, and choose from a variety of therapeutic techniques to find the one that best suits your situation.

The Therapeutic Process Explained

Initial Assessment

Individual therapy begins with an initial assessment, where we lay the groundwork for your personalized treatment plan. You and your therapist will dig deeply into your mental health, lifestyle, and personal history. It’s not just about diagnosing- we believe that diagnoses are just helpful ways to describe and understand commonly grouped symptoms. Instead, we want to grasp the full spectrum of who you are and what you need. That way, we can create a treatment plan that is in line with your unique circumstances, ensuring that the therapy “fits”.

Building a Therapeutic Relationship

Without a strong relationship between you and your therapist, there is no effective treatment. Trust and rapport are essential- you need to respect and like your therapist, and feel like they have your best interests in mind. It should feel like a partnership where you feel heard, respected, and valued. Your therapist will take the time to build this relationship so you won’t feel alone when you dive into deeper, harder topics.

Session Structure

Individual therapy sessions typically last around 50 minutes and are scheduled to best support your journey—whether that means weekly, bi-weekly, or more frequently at critical times. During these sessions, your therapist may employ a range of techniques, from cognitive-behavioral strategies to mindfulness practices, all consistent with the therapy approach you’re working with and the challenges you’re facing.

Benefits of Individual Therapy

There are many benefits to working one-on-one with a therapist, including:

Accelerated Growth:

Gain a deeper understanding of yourself, paving the way for growth and self-acceptance.

Coping Strategies:

Learn strategies to manage symptoms, stress, and triggers.

Improved Relationships:

Improve your relationships by learning communication skills, empathy, and understanding.

Stress Reduction:

Discover techniques to reduce stress.

Decision-Making Skills:

Enhance your ability to make healthier decisions by clarifying your values and priorities.

Healing from Trauma:

Address and begin healing from past trauma.

Increased Self-Esteem:

Boost your self-esteem and self-worth through positive self-reflection and achievement of personal goals.

When you participate in group therapy sessions, you’re not just working towards recovery; you’re building a foundation for a more fulfilled and connected life.

Individual therapy can open the door to these benefits and more. At AMFM, we’ll walk with you through the process, helping you heal, transform, and move forward.


Dr. Geoffrey Phillips, ABPN


Dr. Geoffrey Phillips, ABPN


Dr. Geoffrey Phillips, ABPN


Dr. Geoffrey Phillips, ABPN


What to Expect from Your First Session

Your first session at AMFM is meant to start you on your recovery path with confidence and clarity. Here’s what you can expect:

1. The First Step: Nestled in serene locations, our centers offer a calm sanctuary for healing, grounding you in peace as you work through your anxiety.

2. Getting to Know You:  Our team brings specialized knowledge in treating anxiety, providing you with expert care that understands the depth of your experience.

3. Confidentiality and Comfort: Privacy and comfort are essential in therapy. Your therapist will provide a secure and confidential environment where you can feel safe to share openly. Understanding the boundaries of confidentiality from the start will make it easier to discuss your thoughts and concerns without hesitation.

4. Preparing for Your Session: To make the most of your first session, you could bring a list of goals you want to achieve or challenges you’re facing. Think about what information is important for your therapist to know, and write down any questions you have about the therapy process. That way, you feel more in control and ready to dive in.

5. After the Session: After your initial session, you and your therapist will have laid the groundwork for your journey ahead. You’ll discuss the next steps, which may include scheduling future sessions, what to work on before the next session, and beginning to integrate feedback into your treatment plan. You’ll also have time to reflect on how you felt during the session and any initial thoughts or reactions you might want to explore in your next meetings.

How Individual Therapy Complements Your Treatment Plan

Integrative Care

The AMFM comprehensive care model blends individual therapy with a broader range of services. Personalized therapy is just one aspect of treatment, and it works hand in hand with group therapy and medication management. Therapy allows individuals to work on specific personal challenges and goals, while group settings allow them to benefit from the shared experiences and broader perspectives offered in group settings. Medication management, when needed, is carefully coordinated with therapeutic goals, so that every aspect of care works together.

Holistic Healing

Nothing is more core to our treatment philosophy than the idea of holistic healing—caring for the mind, body, and spirit. A lot of this approach relies on individual therapy, which provides a space for exploration and growth. The therapy is part of an ecosystem that includes nutritional support, physical wellness activities, and mindfulness practices. AMFM wants to make sure that treatment isn’t just about alleviating symptoms, but also about fostering a balanced and fulfilling life.

We believe in the power of individual therapy – alongside comprehensive, holistic care –  to transform lives.