We Treat A Variety Of Different Conditions. Each With A Specially Strategized Proven Therapeutic Approach.

AMFM can help you or your loved one overcome your diagnosis.

We provide treatment for a range of mental health-related illnesses. See below for what we specialize in:


At AMFM, we specialize in helping people when anxiety seems to be taking over their lives. Because your experience with anxiety is different from anyone else’s, your treatment plan should be, too. You need reinforcements that include expert strategies, a supportive community, and a tailored approach to your situation. 


Choosing AMFM for depression treatment opens the door to a journey tailored uniquely to you. Our approach goes beyond the usual “diagnose and medicate” medical model, focusing on nurturing every piece of your well-being. We’re about creating a care plan that truly fits, recognizing the complexity of your experience with depression.


At AMFM, we throw ourselves into every journey of trauma recovery with a deep sense of optimism. We have a lot of experience working with trauma. The professionals who work in our trauma treatment programs have seen amazing results, time and again. Clients who have been through trauma often experience profound growth.

Suicidal Ideation

No one wakes up one day deciding life’s too much for absolutely no reason- but the causes behind feeling like you’re at the end of your rope are as varied as they are deep. Here at AMFM, we’re all about peeling back the layers to find what’s really going on.


If you’re paranoid, you’re always afraid of something. You might have panic attacks, and you’re always uneasy. Feeling cornered or persecuted can lead to aggression, complicating personal relationships further, but taking a step back to avoid perceived threats only deepens loneliness.


Psychosis is more than just a medical condition– it’s a deeply personal experience that affects individuals and their families. We understand. The care we provide is comprehensive and tailored, because we respect and value each individual’s uniqueness.

Panic Attacks

Panic attacks are a sign of underlying issues, not a weakness. They mean that your body is trying to tell you something important about your wellbeing. At AMFM, we delve into these potential causes with compassion and expertise.

Social Isolation

Sometimes, small changes in your daily routine, physical activity level, or social interactions can make a significant difference. We offer guidance on making lifestyle adjustments that support your mental health and well-being during transitions.

Life Adjustment Transitions

At AMFM, we know that sometimes, finding your way through life’s transitions is more than just a matter of time. Sometimes, you need support, guidance, and understanding before you can find ways to process and grow from these changes.

Self Harm

At AMFM, we see beyond the physical injuries. We understand the complex emotions and situations that lead someone to self-harm. More importantly, we know that with the right support, individuals can develop healthier coping mechanisms to deal with their emotional pain.


Remember, experiencing mania doesn’t define you. It’s a signal, not a life sentence. We’re here to listen, understand, and find solutions. Together, we can calm the storm and find a path forward that doesn’t have the ups and downs you’ve grown tired of.