Inpatient Mental Health Facilities In Virginia

With so few inpatient mental health facilities in Virginia, one might think that residential treatment is not important to address...

With so few inpatient mental health facilities in Virginia, one might think that residential treatment is not important to address mental illness, however, that’s not the case. In fact, studies clearly show that the more committed a patient is to recovery from mental illness, the more likely they are to find a lasting solution. Our residential program at AMFM Treatment involves a 45 day commitment to achieving a better quality of life. If you need rehab for depression, anxiety, addiction, trauma, or a mental health disorder, we invite you to contact us today at 844-259-7060.

5 Compelling Reasons To Opt For Inpatient Rehab For Mental Illness

1. A more immersive approach to healing can prove to be beneficial, especially if there are distractions at home that can take your focus away from getting well. While not everyone dealing with a mental disorder will need inpatient treatment, there are many who would benefit tremendously from a more in-depth plan to recovery.

2. Inpatient treatment for depression and anxiety is recommended for patients who are a danger to themselves or others. If you’re suicidal or experiencing feeling of aggression that may cause you to lash out physically toward others, it may be a good idea to think about checking in to a residential rehab that treats mental illness.

3. When substance abuse or alcoholism exists alongside a mental disorder, dual diagnosis treatment can help the patient achieve sobriety and relief from depression, anxiety, trauma, or another form of mental illness. At AMFM Treatment, we employ anxiety and depression therapists who are highly skilled in treating all types of addiction. By getting to the heart of addiction, which is often mental illness, lasting freedom from the accompanying addiction often follows.

4. An outpatient professional anxiety treatment center may not be able to offer enough support or structure for a more severe depressive disorder or healing after trauma. Our 45-day program at AMFM Treatment will ensure you get the high-level care you need, when you need it. For same day placement into our program, get in touch with us today by calling 844-259-7060.

5. Are you taking good enough care of yourself? You may need to consider checking into one of the local inpatient mental health facilities in Virginia if any of the following situations apply to you:

  • You’ve stopped eating or lost your focus on nutrition
  • You’re off of your medications
  • School and work are suffering
  • Bathing and showering are not a part of your daily routine
  • You’re experiencing insomnia
  • You feel tired every day
  • You’ve withdrawn from family and social circles

Amazing Benefits Of Mental Health Treatment

If you need help dealing with a mental disorder, AMFM Treatment is just one call away- we’re here for you 24/7 to answer your questions, verify your insurance benefits, and help you get into rehab if you need a safe place to get well. Our treatment center is noted as one of the best inpatient mental health facilities in Virginia- equipped with the right therapies and programs to help you regain mental wellness.

Inpatient Mental Health Facilities In Virginia

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