Many celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with get-togethers centered around food and alcohol, but that doesn’t mean you have to. This is especially true for those recovering from an addiction to alcohol. So if you’re looking to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day this year while staying on top of sobriety, or if you know a loved one who is in recovery, here a few great ways for you to celebrate.

A St. Patrick’s Day Marathon

St. Patrick’s Day happens to fall right toward the beginning of marathon season, so chances are that there will be a St. Patty’s Day themed marathon going on in your area. And in case you’re not feeling quite up for a marathon, runners will often have the option to run either a half marathon or a 5K during race time as well. What better way to celebrate recovery than by showing the world what you and your body are capable of?

A Traditional Irish Dinner

A great thing about dinner parties is that they can be as casual or as formal as you dictate. There is a host of traditional Irish recipes on the web, ranging from the well-known corned beef and cabbage to lesser-known dishes like colcannon, bangers and mash, and Irish boxty. Traditional Irish dishes tend to contain popular comfort foods like potatoes, slow-cooked beef, and white bread, so an Irish dinner makes for a wonderful dining that will bring family and friends together.

An Irish Dance Performance

Many are familiar with the jigs and fast-paced violins that define Irish dancing and music—why not get the full Irish cultural experience at a performance? Learn more about what Irish dancing and music are about, and leave more cultured than you were when you arrived.

A Public, Alcohol-free Designated Celebration

Many communities are host to multiple St. Patrick’s Day celebrations that have been designated as alcohol-free. These parties can be family oriented, or they might be planned with those trying to stay sober in mind—New York’s “Sober St. Patrick’s Day” being a well-known example. These celebrations usually feature Irish music, traditional foods, and fun games and activities to get you in the St. Patrick’s Day spirit. Do some research on your area online to see what will be going on near you.

Whatever you choose to do this St. Patrick’s Day, remember: Even if drinking on St. Patrick’s Day was a tradition of the past, you are always free to start a new tradition. Planning ahead of time what you will do with a supportive group of friends or family will aid tremendously in helping you to stay sober.