As the weather gets warmer, you’re likely itching to get outside and experience the warm weather and active lifestyle that summer weather has to offer. Adventure oriented activities are especially great for recovering addicts to try because they can help to build strength, increase mental stamina, and serve as positive actions that replace old habits of substance abuse. Here are 5 adventure-oriented activities that you should try this summer if you’re in the early stages of addiction recovery.

1. Rock Climbing

For the recovering addict who enjoys seeking out an adrenaline rush, rock climbing might be the perfect adventure activity to try this summer. Rock climbers experience many of the same feelings that recovering addicts experience in the early stages of recovery, including feeling overwhelmed about what lies ahead and a fear of not succeeding. Rock climbing offers the perfect physical equivalent to what you might be going through emotionally, and an ability to overcome the physical challenges of rock climbing could help you have the mental stamina for overcoming addiction.

2. Hiking

Hiking can be a great activity to enjoy with other recovering addicts. It’s highly versatile and can work for the beginning hiker or seasoned veteran alike. Hiking offers the recovering addict an opportunity to commune with nature and appreciate its beauty, all while getting in touch with deeply rooted emotions.

3. Kayaking

This is another perfect activity for the recovering addict who seeks an extra element of adventure in life, but even beginners to kayaking can enjoy navigating a kayak through gentle waters on a clear summer day. Some find that time spent out on the water makes for the best environment for deep thinking. It also happens to be a great workout for the arms, shoulders, and core muscles.

4. Sailing

Sailing can be a daytime event, or it can turn into a weekend-long excursion. It even makes for the perfect life metaphor for navigating rough waters and adjusting the sails when things go awry. And for the inexperienced, there is always the option of trying it for the first time with an experienced sailor who can show you the ropes.

5. Camping

Camping is another activity that is great for a group of recovering addicts. It provides an atmosphere for bonding and fellowship, which is essential to building a strong support system. It also helps the recovering addict to get a handle on life lived simply, fostering an appreciation for the bare necessities and the natural beauties of life.