Bipolar Treatment in Orange County

Bipolar disorder is a mental illness that involves significant changes in mood and cognitive thinking. Nearly three percent of the American population has received a diagnosis of bipolar disorder. Early identification of this mental illness’s symptoms can help people learn how to recognize maniac and depressive episodes.

A Mission for Michael offers the best bipolar treatment in Orange County for several reasons. Choosing the right treatment path at the best facility can impact your healing experience’s success and quality.

Not every adult diagnosed with bipolar disorder battles against addictive patterns, behaviors, or substances, but it is likely for people active in addiction to be diagnosed with dual conditions.

Five Reasons to Choose A Mission for Michael for Orange County Bipolar Treatment

At A Mission for Michael, we offer a specialized treatment program for individuals with bipolar disorder. The right manic depression (bipolar disorder) treatment depends on the specific needs of each client.

Treatment for mental illness and disorders vary, as do the results for every individual. Please review the compiled list of reasons you or a loved one should turn to us for bipolar disorder treatment in Orange County.

  1. Expert Staff – A Mission to Michael connects each client with a professional Orange County bipolar disorder therapist. Working one on one with a trained mental health expert can help patients identify the different bipolar disorder types. Learning what symptoms you suffer from can pinpoint which treatment methods would offer the most benefits. Every staff member has years of experience working closely with people from all walks of life.
  2. House Managers – Our facilities have House Managers that enforce rules and guidelines while being supportive and understanding. Compassionate care matters at AMFM because our team believes encouragement and positive reinforcement work best in several life areas. House Managers ensure clients maintain a functional structure as they develop healthy habits and coping mechanisms.
  3. Food Provided – Residents’ food is provided for them for the duration of their treatments. Rent collection takes place each month, but there aren’t strict contract regulations in place. Taking good care of your body can help promote a healthy mind.
  4. Dual Diagnosis – Residents diagnosed with bipolar disorder and addiction can access dual diagnosis care. Dual diagnosis care plans focus on managing bipolar symptoms while teaching residents how to live an addiction-free lifestyle. Engaging in alcohol or substance abuse isn’t uncommon for individuals diagnosed with bipolar mania or depression.
  5. Healthy Behaviors – At our facility, you have the chance to learn healthy behaviors and routines to provide a higher quality of life. Those suffering from addiction can learn how to recognize and avoid triggers that could potentially cause them to relapse.

Got Questions About Our Program?

A Mission for Michael is primarily a mental health facility that offers the highest level of care. We proudly offer a broad selection of treatment options to help people when they feel alone and helpless. If you have questions about our services or would like to verify your insurance information, please dial 844-532-8882. Our staff can give you more in-depth details about the programs we offer.

As your discharge date approaches, you’ll consult with a discharge planner and your treatment team to decide the appropriate next steps in your care. This care will allow you to gradually reintegrate into your community while concentrating on your recuperation during the day.