Increase In Chronic Cannabis Psychosis In Young Adults

Increase In Chronic Cannabis Psychosis In Young Adults

Explore the hidden risks of cannabis use in young adults, focusing on the concerning rise of chronic cannabis psychosis. As cannabis legalization spreads across states, increasing its accessibility to adolescents, it’s critical to understand the serious mental health symptoms that can be triggered, including paranoia, hallucinations, and psychosis. This post delves into the genetic factors, the potency of modern cannabis, and the alarming connection between early cannabis use and severe psychological disorders. Learn what steps parents can take to prevent cannabis-induced psychosis and the importance of early intervention and family involvement in treatment. Stay informed about the risks associated with cannabis and protect the mental health of the young generation.

3 Barriers Towards Mental Health Treatment for LGBTQIA+

3 Barriers Towards Mental Health Treatment for LGBTQIA+

It is estimated that 51.5 million U.S. adults struggle with mental health issues. However,  Lesbian, Bisexual, and Gay adults are at a greater risk to experience a mental illness conditions compared to heterosexual adults while Transgender adults are four times more likely to experience a mental health condition when compared to their cisgender peers. Unfortunately, as of 2020, about 54% of […]

Narcissistic Personality Disorder: What Is It and 3 Tips on How To Cope

Narcissistic Personality Disorder: What Is It and How To Cope

Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) is a set of personality traits that generally involve a self-centered, arrogant presentation, an excessive need for attention and a lack of regard for others. More often there are features of narcissism that appear within the context of our relationships as opposed to dealing with someone who is a true narcissist.

How Money Affects Our Mental Health

How Money Affects Our Mental Health

How money affects our mental health and is it significant? In short, yes! It is very important, now more than ever, given the economic landscape caused by Covid-19. Money is arguably the single most important construct for civilizing the modern world. The invention of money has established the consenting relationships between buyers and sellers, but […]

Coronavirus & Insomnia: Tips To Get A Full Night’s Sleep

Behavioral Therapy

The arrival of Covid-19 has brought unfathomable and drastic changes to our everyday lives.  These changes have brought upon increased levels of worry, sadness, and fear. If they are not effectively managed, it may have detrimental effects on our physical and mental health. One area these changes appear to have had a significant impact on […]

Celebrities Who Have Suffered from Mental Illness

Big homes, large bank accounts, expensive cars, and loads of fans, it appears celebrities have it all. However, fame doesn’t defend from mental health issues. Many of today’s biggest stars are sharing candid information about their struggles with mental health. Their stories and their bravery to talk openly about their condition creates healthy awareness of […]

Why Does Mental Illness Often Surface During Puberty?

mental illness

We’re looking at the endemic level of stress in children and teenagers with growing rates of clinical depression, anxiety, and other surviving problems. Fear, insecurity and lack of control- aspects that power stress is ramped up in times of quick, impulsive change.  Puberty is a period of enormous difference: physical, hormonal, sexual, social, cognitive, and […]

Seven Ways To Cultivate Self-Acceptance

Self-acceptance is tough. On a bad day, you criticize yourself on your behavior harshly, and that makes you feel miserable.  We all must be appreciative of who we are and how far we’ve come in life. But as typical human behavior, it’s easier for a negative thought to foster than a positive one.  A quick […]

How to Reach Out for Depression?

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It is a common notion that depression is their illness, which cannot be talked about with others. This taboo has been broken in the last five years. We must know how important it is to talk about it with others because it is very much like cancer of your thoughts and behaviors.  If you recluse […]