Trauma Causes Real Mental Illness, Become Part Of The Change

At some point in almost every person’s life, an experience so deeply distressing will occur that it can be deemed a traumatic experience. This occurrence may be the death of a loved one, a series of unfortunate and often catastrophic events, or simply the witnessing of something personally unbearable. Trauma is traditionally defined as a […]

Easy Ways to Practice Good Mental Hygiene

The importance of practicing good mental hygiene is now being understood better than ever. In the past, people used to believe that mental illness wasn’t real, or that people who claimed to be suffering from mental illnesses were either doing it for attention or deserved to be punished. Nowadays, however, we are starting to realize […]

Finding Time To Meditate To Maintain A Healthy Life

People say the hardest thing about meditation is finding time to meditate. And when you think about it, it’s often true. Who really has the time for anything these days— between work, kids, and the multitude of responsibilities we face everyday? With those things, it’s easy to let meditation fall to the wayside. But when […]

How Mental Stability Affects Happiness

How Mental Stability Affects Happiness

People spend their entire lives pursuing happiness but rarely is it discussed how mental stability affects happiness and how big of a role it actively plays.

Mental Illness and Suicide Risk

Suicide risk is an important thing to understand in any community. However, the topic is especially vital to understand when talking about mental illness. About 50% of people who commit suicide have a mental disorder, and mental illness can significantly increase your risk of suicide. The causes and reasoning behind suicide are diverse, and every […]

IMMH Conference

A Mission for Michael is excited to announce that we will be sponsoring the Integrative Medicine for Mental Health (IMMH) annual conference in the heart of Orange County, California! This conference will be held from September 28th – October 1st. This year they will have more speakers than ever before! As an attendee, you will […]