How to Recognize Signs of Depression

The word “depression” or “depressed” has lost a lot of its weight in mainstream media over the last few years. Instead of being a word used to describe mental illness, it’s been substituted as a synonym for sadness. This casual narrative has made it more and more difficult for individuals to recognize signs of depression […]

Tailored Treatments for Depression

Psychologists are becoming increasingly confident that “one size fits all” is not the best approach when it comes to treating depression. Though the most commonly used Major Depressive Disorder treatment for 14 million Americans is antidepressant medication, recent research suggests that individually tailored treatment may provide significantly better results overall for these patients. Studies Show […]

How to Help a Loved One with Depression

If you have a loved one who suffers from depression, it’s easy to feel powerless to help. Everything you try to do to help only seems to make them more upset, but you can’t just do nothing when you see your loved one in pain and suffering. However, what’s left to do when all your […]