Symptoms of Major Depressive Disorder

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When some people say they are depressed, what they actually mean is that they are sad. For individuals who do have clinical depression, or major depressive disorder, depression goes beyond just a general feeling of sadness. Indeed, depression can manifest itself into in inability to express emotion at all if one becomes dissociative. Here are some of the common symptoms of major depressive disorder…

Self Esteem Issues

Clinical depression is marked by a strong feeling of worthlessness, which is often followed by an attitude of self-hatred. When one is unable to see anything good about themselves, it continually spirals into a pattern of negative self-reinforcement that addiction feeds off of.

Inability to Concentrate

People who suffer from depression can get stuck in a pattern of doing nothing with their day (which contributes to feeling worthless), because depression makes it difficult to focus on any particular task. Whether a person is feeling incredibly restless, or their brain isn’t operating at full capacity, depression gets in the way of a person’s ability to make positive behavioral changes.

Suicidal Thoughts

One of the worst things that depression can manifest into is an act of suicide, or attempted suicide. It’s the lowest outcome that often leads to a fatality, and leaves behind a wake of people who cared or loved for the person who committed suicide. Major depressive disorder messes with the chemical balance of the brain and leads to negative thought patterns that can manifest in thoughts of suicide.

Eating Disorders

People with depression commonly suffer from a notable case of weight gain, weight loss, or a cycle between the two. This is because major depressive disorder can manifest itself into a co-occurring eating disorder, whether it is anorexia, bulimia, binge eating disorder, pica, or rumination disorder, among other things. Sometimes, these eating disorders are caused by the self-esteem issues that a depressed person suffers from, or other times they will simply lack the will to develop healthy eating habits.