How to Support a Loved One Through Treatment

One of the questions that people frequently ask us is how they can best support their loved one who is participating in our program. Many people don’t know how to support their loved ones during their journey to recovery aside from having them participate in our program. And while that is definitely a great thing […]

Easy Ways to Practice Good Mental Hygiene

The importance of practicing good mental hygiene is now being understood better than ever. In the past, people used to believe that mental illness wasn’t real, or that people who claimed to be suffering from mental illnesses were either doing it for attention or deserved to be punished. Nowadays, however, we are starting to realize […]

Finding Time To Meditate To Maintain A Healthy Life

People say the hardest thing about meditation is finding time to meditate. And when you think about it, it’s often true. Who really has the time for anything these days— between work, kids, and the multitude of responsibilities we face everyday? With those things, it’s easy to let meditation fall to the wayside. But when […]

How Mental Stability Affects Happiness

How Mental Stability Affects Happiness

People spend their entire lives pursuing happiness but rarely is it discussed how mental stability affects happiness and how big of a role it actively plays.

The Importance of Gratitude in Addiction Recovery

The Mindset of Addiction It’s common for those who struggle with addiction to get stuck within the mindset of “me against the world”. It can feel like no one is on your side, often times not even yourself. This selfish line of thinking can cause any sort of recovery to diminish over time. Fighting addiction […]

How to Help Your Partner During an Anxiety Attack

Having a panic attack is a really rough experience, and everyone experiences them differently. If your partner has anxiety but you don’t, it can be difficult for you to know how to help them when they are in the middle of an anxiety attack. It’s not an experience that can always be relayed or explained, […]

How to Recognize Signs of Depression

The word “depression” or “depressed” has lost a lot of its weight in mainstream media over the last few years. Instead of being a word used to describe mental illness, it’s been substituted as a synonym for sadness. This casual narrative has made it more and more difficult for individuals to recognize signs of depression […]

A Quick Background on PTSD

PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) is a disorder that takes root when a person experiences a traumatic event. It is one of the disorders that is commonly seen co-occurring with addiction, and over half of men who have PTSD also suffer from an addiction. PTSD has been around for as long as stress has, but […]

Advantages of a Residential Mental Health Center over a Hospital

For individuals who suffer from mental health problems, including bipolar disorder, anxiety, depression, and PTSD, among other things, there are a variety of treatment options that can be utilized to make substantial progress. In the past, one major avenue of treatment was a stay at a mental health hospital program, where patients would stay until […]