Skills for Coping with Hypomania and Mania

Individuals who suffer from bipolar 1 disorder and bipolar 2 disorder are at risk of having high-energy episodes of mania or hypomania. Mania occurs when you have an intense feeling of energy that heightens your mental and physical senses. Hypomania is a similar experience, but tends to be less extreme and occurs more frequently in bipolar 2 disorder. These types of episodes could last only one evening, a few days, or even longer than a week.

People who are suffering from mania and hypomania sometimes think that this is a good thing, and that they only need to prolong it. However, when it comes to bipolar 1 and 2, what goes up will usually come down. In addition to this, people with mania and hypomania are often prone to riskier behavior. To help keep these hyper mental states in check, here are some coping skills that help rein in mania and hypomania…

Do things that relax you

You know the things that make you relaxed and help you calm down. Whether this is sitting in a warm bath, or taking a nature walk with no particular destination, always picture the things that keep you relaxed when you feel mania coming on, and then move to make those things a reality. This helps stave off the initial craze that mania can bring on, which is instable.

Make a list of risky behavior

People with bipolar 1 and 2 disorder are more prone to risk-taking behavior when they are experiencing the symptoms of mania or hypomania. For this reason, when you feel hypomanic symptoms coming on, instead of giving into your initial impulses, make a list of risky behaviors that are beyond acceptable so that you can acknowledge what it is that you shouldn’t be doing.


This is the most difficult way to combat mania and hypomania symptoms, but sleep can often be your best friend during a hypomanic episode. Since hypomania can last for several days, people who are in the midst of it will often forego healthy sleeping habits, since they have the energy to do so. However, lack of sleep and mental disorders are a horrible cocktail that shouldn’t be mixed. Healthy sleeping habits help keep your brain calm and can stave off the harsher symptoms of mania.