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The staff at AMFM realizes, through their clinical experiences, that true mental health treatment that adequately addresses co-occurring behavior problems requires a unique, multidisciplinary approach of treating the biological, psychological, and sociological aspects of each person individually in order to optimize successful outcomes. We understand that reducing the effect of mental illness is a lifelong commitment for clients to maintain through the development of coping mechanisms and life skills. Because of this, our clinicians have been chosen not only for their expertise in dual-diagnosis treatment, but also because they can continue to treat individuals long after the completion of our program, during aftercare.

We utilize the following programs to ensure excellence in our skilled staff.

Our Commitment To Excellence - 2to1rs
Our Commitment To Excellence - Ethicsrs


Our primary care program boasts a 2 to 1 ratio of staff to client, unparalleled in the industry. This allows us to better serve our patients and to give them the attention that they deserve while with us.


Mental health treatment is a difficult field that requires lots of navigation through difficult interpersonal relations and legal regulations, especially when dealing with substance abuse. Because of this, we require each member of our client support staff to partake in mandatory ethics training.

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Our Commitment To Excellence - Inservicers
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In-service training is a type of staff development program where training occurs and is discussed in a peer group, so that professionals are able to learn and feed off of one another’s knowledge and questions. We utilize this training program with all of our staff to help develop their understanding of various field-related topics, such as understanding mental health and effective communication.


We understand that our in-house training programs can’t possibly prepare a member of our staff for everything they will encounter in the mental health treatment field, as there are so many different disorders that require adequate experience to treat. For this reason, we offer our employees a tuition reimbursement program to support their ongoing growth and training.

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At A Mission for Michael, we understand that living and thriving with a mental disorder isn’t something you just accomplish during treatment, but is something you work for every day. We pride ourselves in providing ongoing support to our clients, and work hard to create a community that continues to be impacted by our services. That’s why we have a designated Alumni Program that includes ongoing alumni events, direct contact with an Alumni Coordinator, and mentorship and networking opportunities.