Our Commitment to Excellence

Successful mental health treatment that adequately addresses a co-occurring diagnosis, requires a unique, multidisciplinary approach to treat the biological, psychological, and sociological aspects of each client. We understand that recovery is a lifelong journey and our team of experts are specifically trained to work with each client to develop critical tools and life skills that can help support them as they transition back into the real world.

We believe in investing in our staff in order to truly have the best program in order to serve our clients most effectively. We utilize the following programs to ensure excellence in our skilled staff.

Small Client

To Staff Ratio

Each of our homes house a small number of clients with a dedicated clinical team to provide an intimate treatment environment. This allows us to service a large range of clinical issues and still provide a very individualized treatment process.

Mandatory Ethics Training

Mental health treatment is a difficult field that requires lots of navigation through difficult interpersonal relations and legal regulations. Because of this, we require each member of our client support staff to partake in mandatory ethics training.

In-Service Topic Training

We utilize peer groups in our professional In-service training so our team of professionals are able to learn and grow from one another’s knowledge, experience and questions. We utilize this training program with all of our staff to help develop their understanding of various field-related topics, such as understanding mental health and effective communication.

Tution Reimbursement Program

AMFM believes it is vitally important for our team to have the most up to date knowledge and training in our industry. We value continued learning and we value our team. We are aware that our in-house training programs are an important piece of our team training, but these sessions can’t possibly prepare our team for everything they will need to know as they treat clients. For this reason, we offer our employees a tuition reimbursement program to support their ongoing growth and training.

Alumni Program

At AMFM, we understand the importance for our clients to thrive post treatment. Successful recovery is something that needs to be supported and worked on every day. We pride ourselves in providing ongoing support to our clients, and work hard to create a community that continues to be supported by our services. That’s why we have a designated Alumni Program that includes ongoing alumni events, direct contact with an Alumni Coordinator, and mentorship and networking opportunities.