For the family

After experiencing the loss of their son, Michael’s parents alongside friends and loved ones wanted to create a safe place that could help others struggling with their mental health. They wanted to turn their personal tragedy into a place that would give other families hope and healing by creating a program that is rooted in the soundest medical practices while approaching treatment from a place of heart and humanity. At A Mission for Michael, we understand that there is a true opportunity to heal when someone is surrounded by hearts that resonate with compassion and understanding.


We offer a regular Family Day that includes family groups, therapy, and education. Clients’ family members who have a signed consent on file are highly encouraged to attend. Various topics are addressed each week and range from learning to set boundaries to what to expect when a loved one is in treatment. Since the multi-family groups are small and focused, our counselors are able to elicit powerful information from the individuals participating. This program allows for communication and family healing to take place in a safe environment.