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A Mission for Michael’s foundation lies in the love and pain of a family tragedy that inspired a place for hope and healing.  Fully experiencing the loss of their son, Michael’s parents, and all involved, became a gateway to compassion and a place of belonging. In honor of their experience, strength and hope we teach that these mental illnesses no longer have to control our emotions or the lives of others.  We teach that there is hope and healing when hearts resonate with compassion and understanding.

At AMFM we offer a weekly Family Day that includes family groups, therapy and education every Saturday. The family members are highly encouraged to attend. The day begins with the family members only; taking care of themselves and learning about what mental illness means, as well as isses of substance abuse that can occur at the same time. Various topics are addressed each week and range from learning to set boundaries and enabling to the concept of Family Illness and what to expect when a loved one is in treatment. Since the multi-family groups are small and focused, our counselors are often able to elicit powerful information from the individuals participating. This allows for communication and healing to take place in a safe environment. After process and education, our clients and their families are able to interact in a positive, solution-based environment with guidance from our staff during visitation time.


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9:00 – 10:30am Family-Only Process and Education

10:30 – 12am Multi-Family Group with Clients

12:00pm – Onsite Visitation


9:30-11:00am Family-Only Process and Education

11:00-12:30pm Multi-Family Group with Clients

12:30pm Onsite Visitation 

Clinical Center is located at 30310 Rancho Viejo Road, San Juan Capistrano Ca  92675