Benefits of Group Therapy

Here at A Mission for Michael, we involve group therapy as an integrated service in our multidisciplinary program in order to provide well-rounded, long-term support for individuals who are battling addiction. Here is a look at the many benefits that group therapy can offer as part of a well-rounded addiction recovery treatment program.

The Importance of Dual Diagnosis in Addiction Recovery

You’ve probably heard the phrase “dual diagnosis” in the world of addiction recovery, and you may have noticed that we at A Mission for Michael are different in that we put dual diagnosis at the very center of how we approach treatment for addiction. We offer treatment for co-occurring disorders because we believe that substance […]

How Yoga Can Strengthen Your Recovery

Yoga is a gentle, yet powerful form of physical exercise that incorporates ancient spiritual principles. It remains one of the oldest spiritual disciplines that humans have ever practiced, and when you consider the many benefits that yoga can offer, it’s easy to see why. Here is a look at the many benefits that yoga can […]

Nutrition to Fuel Your Recovery

Proper nutrition during addiction recovery is essential for giving your body the nutrients it needs as it continues to heal, and for increasing your overall sense of wellbeing. So much of recovery is about creating a wholesome, fulfilling lifestyle that replaces addiction, not to mention that it’s vital to replenish your body with the nutrients […]

What You Should Know about Alcoholic Pancreatitis

Pancreatitis is defined as inflammation of the pancreas that leads to cell damage. It can be chronic or acute, and it is especially problematic because your pancreas produces two essential substances: digestive juices (which your intestines need to break down food) and hormones needed for digestion (such as insulin). Even more, pancreatitis can cause progressive […]

5 Ways to Journal in Addiction Recovery

Journaling for many is a method for coping with everyday stresses in a healthy manner, and for those recovering from addiction, journaling can actually improve mental health and keep temptations to use again at bay. The simple act of writing out thoughts helps the recovering addict track harmful thought patterns, release stress, and monitor progress, […]

Playing the Record Forward: Resisting Temptations to Use

Part of the addiction recovery process is developing techniques that work to help you overcome temptations to revert to old habits. Needs are different for every individual, which is why it is important for everyone undergoing addiction recovery to explore a wide range of temptation-busting techniques and to find what works for them. One technique […]

5 Adventure-Oriented Activities to Try this Summer

As the weather gets warmer, you’re likely itching to get outside and experience the warm weather and active lifestyle that summer weather has to offer. Adventure oriented activities are especially great for recovering addicts to try because they can help to build strength, increase mental stamina, and serve as positive actions that replace old habits […]

Tips on Meditation for Addiction Recovery

Because stress is one of the leading triggers for relapse, finding a means for reducing stress is central to a successful recovery from addiction. Meditation is highly beneficial for recovering addicts because it can help to clear the mind of cravings, strengthen the mind for overcoming future cravings, and lower levels of stress from other […]

How Springtime Can Aid in Addiction Recovery

Maybe you have been wanting to free yourself from a drug or alcohol addiction and are too overwhelmed to start; or maybe you have started on the road to recovery and want to give yourself new goals and challenge yourself to rise to new heights. Wherever you happen to be with a drug or alcohol […]