How to Support a Loved One Through Treatment

One of the questions that people frequently ask us is how they can best support their loved one who is participating in our program. Many people don’t know how to support their loved ones during their journey to recovery aside from having them participate in our program. And while that is definitely a great thing […]

The Importance of Gratitude in Addiction Recovery

The Mindset of Addiction It’s common for those who struggle with addiction to get stuck within the mindset of “me against the world”. It can feel like no one is on your side, often times not even yourself. This selfish line of thinking can cause any sort of recovery to diminish over time. Fighting addiction […]

Planning a Successful Intervention

A drug or alcohol addiction often isn’t difficult to spot if you know what to look for. And this means that friends or family members of an addict may need to intervene before it becomes too late to address the addiction. If you have a loved one who you think might need an intervention, here […]

5 Tips to feel more Blissful & Grateful

5 Tips to feel more Blissful & Grateful = More Happiness! Did you know that gratitude has been scientifically proven to strengthen your immune system and make you happier and more optimistic, as well as less lonely and isolated? It’s true, and although science has just recently caught up to this fact, the Buddhists have […]

The Magic of Inspiration

The Magic of Inspiration, the magic it brings, and the hope it restores. Inspiration is similar to the flicker of a candle, the raging flow of a waterfall, or a gust of wind.  It lifts us with its power to overtake our being and then it can disappear as mysteriously and instantaneously as it came.  Inspiration definitely a […]

Self Empowerment – Inner Striptease

Self Empowerment – The Inner Striptease Challenge I get asked all the time how I am able to stay so calm during some of the ost alarming situations; my quick / funny answer is “The Inner Striptease”, my long winded answer is always “Self Empowerment”. Be inspired by people doing the “Inner Striptease” and “stripping […]

10 simple tips to live happy, wild, and free

Live Happy! Here are 10 stupidly simple tips to live happy, wild, and free: 1. Write out a short-list of the simple things that give you pleasure. Keep them in the front of your consciousness and make sure you engage with them at least a few times a week. As you do these things, stay […]

Insurance Companies Now Must Cover Mental Health Benefits

With the growing demand for mental health and substance abuse treatment, there is a silver lining for those in need. Insurance Companies Now Must Cover Mental Health Benefits at Parity with Medical Benefits As part of the President and Vice President’s continuing efforts to increase access to mental health services, the Administration issued the final rule implementing […]