How to Support a Loved One Through Treatment

One of the questions that people frequently ask us is how they can best support their loved one who is participating in our program. Many people don’t know how to support their loved ones during their journey to recovery aside from having them participate in our program. And while that is definitely a great thing […]

The Importance of Gratitude in Addiction Recovery

The Mindset of Addiction It’s common for those who struggle with addiction to get stuck within the mindset of “me against the world”. It can feel like no one is on your side, often times not even yourself. This selfish line of thinking can cause any sort of recovery to diminish over time. Fighting addiction […]

Managing Relationships in Early Recovery

Addiction recovery is a journey that tries a person to their very core. It is often the biggest battle that an individual will face in their life. One thing that can complicate this already difficult time is romantic relationships. So much of recovery is dependent on building a firm emotional foundation, and romantic feelings have […]

Self-Doubt and Addiction

Addiction is a behavioral disease that feeds on many negative emotions. However, few things can feed into the mindset that fosters addiction more than self-doubt, especially for recovering addicts. The feelings that you’re not good enough or that you’ve made too many mistakes are what empower a driving need for validation. Allowing that level of […]

How Genetics Factors into Addiction and Mental Illness

At A Mission for Michael, we specialize in helping our patients deal with the ways that addiction and mental illness work off of each other to make a bad situation worse. This type of phenomenon is referred to as dual diagnosis. While every person has a personal story of how a dual diagnosis rose up […]