VA Inpatient Mental Health

A Mission for Michael (AMFM) offers the best VA inpatient mental health treatment services in a comfortable setting. Our clinicians provide round-the-clock medical care and use evidence-based therapies to address and treat psychiatric and behavioral health issues. Here are the top reasons to choose AMFM for mental health inpatient treatment:

Dedicated And Friendly Staff

We are a reputed rehab for depression with dedicated, compassionate, and experienced treatment providers. All our clinicians possess a doctorate or master’s level educational training, allowing them to offer unsurpassed care and support to those experiencing severe mental health disorders. Our medical team encompasses psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, and psychiatric nurses who provide around-the-clock care and support. Our anxiety and depression therapists work with patients on a 1-on-1 basis to drive them towards their wellness goals.

Low Staff-To-Client Ratio

We have a 2-to-1 client-to-staff ratio, allowing us to place our undivided focus on no more than two patients at a time. Our clinicians work dedicatedly with each patient, create personalized recovery blueprints, and guide them towards improved mental wellness. We make sure our clinicians do not feel burdened by the workload, preventing them from dispensing their duties to their best abilities. Our staff plays a defining role in our patients’ recovery journeys.

Focus On The Underlying Causes Of Mental Health Issues

Unlike other rehabs, we hit each problem to its core. Our clinicians conduct a comprehensive psychiatric review on each patient upon intake and identify the reasons responsible for their mental disorder in the first place. Learning about the underlying causes allows us to devise a treatment plan that works best for each patient. Besides, helping clients achieve holistic recovery also prevents them from relapsing after leaving our professional anxiety treatment center. This allows recovering addicts to embrace a healthy and stable lifestyle following rehab.

Tailored Treatment Programs

No two mental health disorders are ever the same. We try to understand the mental health situation of each patient and create a tailored treatment plan that best addresses their concerns, symptoms, and recovery goals. Creating a personalized treatment regime allows us to use it as a yardstick and precisely monitor each patient’s progress in recovery.

High Success Rate

Our inpatient treatment for depression has the highest success rate and lowest relapse cases in the business. We ensure our patients’ stability and sobriety following the inpatient rehab with a proven transitional living program and evening outpatient therapy sessions.

Continuum Of Care

We are one of the few dedicated mental health treatment centers to offer a continuum of care. Some of our treatment options include inpatient treatment, outpatient rehab, and transitional living programs. Our step-by-step recovery module can help you embrace the full benefits of mental health treatment.

Call 844-259-7060 to sign up for treatment at our VA inpatient mental health rehab. A Mission for Michael (AMFM) is a leading mental health treatment center with excellent amenities, comfortable accommodations, dedicated clinicians, and advanced therapies and healing programs. Joining us can help you embark on a liberating and rewarding journey towards a better, brighter, and happier tomorrow.


AMFM is here to help you or your loved one take the next steps towards an improved mental well-being.