Mental Health Services in Virginia

Working through a mental and behavioral health condition on your own is difficult. A Mission for Michael wants to work with you to make your treatment experience as smooth as possible. We provide mental and behavioral health treatment programs for people 18 and older, focusing on anxiety, depression, stress, bipolar and addiction. The programs allow you to reclaim control of your life and begin your healing path. We offer various mental health services in Virginia, which include the following:

Primary Care Program

Primary care-based behavioral services go at a different pace and on a different level than traditional mental health care. At A Mission for Michael, we will examine your symptoms, history, and treatment as part of your primary care team and work with you to address your mental health needs, as well as give brief counseling and education.

We’ll collaborate with your primary care physician to establish the best plan for your mental health care, and our anxiety and depression therapists can ensure high-quality therapy. Many people may only require an antidepressant prescription and follow-up visits. Our professional anxiety treatment center can safely prescribe a variety of antidepressants to their patients.

Evening Outpatient Program

We also offer an evening outpatient treatment program, allowing you to continue working, running your businesses, paying your bills, going to school, and spending time with your family. Our adult outpatient evening programs are here to help you. Dealing with anxiety, depression, life change, self-harm, lack of support, loss of enjoyment, sorrow, trauma, or work challenges should not be done alone.

These evening outpatient programs are part of the continuum of care for adults and adolescents, and they can be utilized as an alternative to hospitalization. Group therapy, individualized case management with a licensed clinician, medication evaluation, organized family participation, and supervision by a board-certified psychiatrist are all part of our evening outpatient programs.

Evening Program therapy is delivered in a group environment by qualified therapists. Individuals enrolled in the program get access to a board-certified psychiatrist for medication review and treatment.

Transitional Living

For clients who desire to stay in rehab for a prolonged period of time, transitional accommodation is available. Clients can stay in transitional housing while continuing to get outpatient therapy. Transitional living provides individuals with a safe, supportive environment. As one of the leading mental health services in Virginia, A Mission for Michael offers a transitional living facility that helps persons transition from residential care to semi-independent life.

A Mission for Michael allows both men and women to put their clinical skills to use while focusing on important life interests such as work, education, or volunteerism. With this program, you can learn to navigate real-world situations in a supportive, safe and structured environment.

Ready to Get Help?

If you believe you or someone you know could benefit from these forms of treatment programs, contact A Mission for Michael today. Asking questions is a crucial part of the healing and therapeutic process. Our team is available to help as you begin your journey to wellbeing.


AMFM is here to help you or your loved one take the next steps towards an improved mental well-being.