Mental Health Facility Orange County

If you have been looking for the best mental health facilities in Orange County, A Mission for Michael should be among the top picks. Unlike most other facilities that focus on addiction treatment, AFMF understands that there’s more to mental health than addiction. We have a team of professional staff who are experts in diverse areas of mental health. And we handle various mental health illnesses, including but not limited to anxiety disorder, bipolar disorder, dual diagnosis, depression, and schizophrenia. Our adult mental health services are mostly residential, but we also have a comprehensive aftercare plan that takes care of our clients’ needs after being discharged from the facility.

The AMFM Advantage

As mentioned earlier, A Mission for Michael is not an addiction treatment facility that also dabbles into mental health treatment. Rather, we are a mental health facility capable of treating addiction and other mental health disorders. This places us above most other Southern California treatment facilities, little wonder we’re widely regarded as one of the best psychiatric hospitals in Orange County, CA. Below are some other factors that make us a top provider of psychiatry services in the state:

Healthy client-to-staff ratio and personalized treatment

Our practice records an astonishing 2 to 1 client-to-staff ratio. We guarantee that every client in our facility receives individual care round the clock, and our mental health service providers are doctorate or masters-level clinicians. We also focus intensively on evidence-based treatments while adopting a holistic approach to mental health treatment.

Serene environment

When you enter our luxury beachfront facility, you cannot but marvel at the serenity and attractiveness of the surroundings. Many studies have shown that treatment facilities’ environment and comfortability play a significant role in the effectiveness of mental health treatments. In keeping with the best practices, our environment provides the perfect place for our clients’ recovery, and we go out of their way to ensure they enjoy maximum comfort while in our facility.

Insurance cover

Admittedly, quality mental health treatment services do not come cheap. However, we have strived to be in-network with several major insurance carriers, including but not limited to Anthem, BlueCross BlueShield, First Health Services Corporation, Health Net, Coventry, HMC, and ComPsych. As a result, most of our clients do not have to carry the burden of paying for their stay at our Orange County psychiatric residential treatment center alone. If you have insurance cover, there is a high chance we are in-network with your provider.

Family incorporation

We believe that getting everyone on board is key to successful treatments, and we engage clients’ family members right from the first phone call. We also offer a Saturday family program that comprises 90 minutes of family-only therapy (without the client) and another 90 minutes of multi-family therapy with the clients present. This approach has delivered excellent results over the years, and we continually search for innovative ways of including everyone in the treatment program.

Are you looking for the leading Orange County California behavioral health services provider? You need not look beyond AMFM. Contact us on (844) 532-8882 to learn more about our programs or verify your insurance.


AMFM is here to help you or your loved one take the next steps towards an improved mental well-being.