A Mission for Michael is proud to announce that, after nearly a decade of successfully treating men who suffer from addiction, we are now opening up our facility and services to cater to the unique needs of women who struggle with addiction.

Our origins

A Mission for Michael originally started as a treatment center that specifically catered to the way that addiction affected men. This wasn’t because we didn’t care about the trials and tribulations that women under the hold of addiction were facing, but because we had a personal history of losing a son close to our heart. This was the tragedy that pushed us to bring A Mission for Michael into existence.

Despite these origins, now that we have successfully helped hundreds of men accomplish true and lasting recovery, we now want to offer the same dedication and care to the women in our lives who also suffer from addiction.

How addiction affects women differently

Our treatment philosophy takes into account the differences in how men and women are impacted by substance abuse and addiction. Some of these differences are biological, and have to do with the different hormones in men and women that change how certain substances are metabolized. This impacts the physical treatment we must use to face substance abuse.

Most of these differences, though, are socially imposed. For example, there is a longstanding gender gap between the addiction rates of men and women, with men being considerably more likely to engage in initial substance abuse. This gender gap has begun to close, due to women being more likely to be in social situations, nowadays, where alcohol or drug abuse might be more likely. The issue, though, is that most addiction treatment centers have been built to cater to the problems of men, which means that there are less places for women to get the treatment that they need.

Treating men and women for a healthier California

At A Mission for Michael, we believe that it is our mission to help build a safer and healthier California. We are optimists, and can picture a future where our beautiful state and country are relieved of the struggles of addiction. It is our responsibility, because of our personal history, to help each and every addict in California take control of their lives and beat addiction.