Maybe you have been wanting to free yourself from a drug or alcohol addiction and are too overwhelmed to start; or maybe you have started on the road to recovery and want to give yourself new goals and challenge yourself to rise to new heights. Wherever you happen to be with a drug or alcohol addiction, now is the perfect time of year to commit to getting sober. Learn about how the season of spring can help give you an added push in your recovery from addiction.

Spring: A Time of Rebirth

With flowers coming into bloom and bare trees gaining their green life once again, there is something inherent to the season of spring that brings about thoughts of rebirth. Spring comes after a long season of cold, winter months that leave many withdrawn and less motivated than they usually are. With the coming of spring, you can cast away the cold and negative thoughts that may have accumulated over the course of winter and make room for a new and optimistic mindset. Take a cue from nature and let your mind experience a “rebirth” at this exciting time of the year. You’ll likely find that the warmth of the season and the general optimism that surrounds it will help you to keep yourself pointed in the right direction for a successful recovery from addiction.

Adventure Recovery

Have you ever heard of adventure recovery? In a nutshell, it is the replacing of life-limiting addictions with exciting and meaningful experiences. And springtime is a great time of the year in how it provides an especially wide array of options for what activities you’ll pursue. Adventure recovery is incredible in how it can give you a new perspective on life and help you to find “natural highs” that you did not know were achievable before. And not only does it benefit you mentally and psychologically; it also can strengthen you physically. Examples of exciting and fulfilling activities for adventure recovery include hiking, equine therapy, rock climbing, ropes courses, wilderness retreats, and whitewater rafting. Adventure recovery also has a way of bringing you back in tune with nature, so that you can reach your innermost thoughts and learn to create a special bond with nature.

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