Summer is in full force and lime me, Im sure most of you are really excited. Check out my top ten list for amazingly fun sober summer activities!

1. Volunteer – sober summer activities

Give back this summer by volunteering at a local charity or organization. You can check out this great website Just type in your city and interests and find volunteer opportunities that match your passions. This is something you can do by yourself or get your friends and family involved too!

2. Find a Local Coffee Shop and Host a Recovery Group/Check-in – sober summer activities

While there’s nothing wrong with the mainstream, venture out this summer and find a fun, unique and locally owned coffee shop to host a recovery meeting. You’ll be discovering a new place, supporting a local business and finding/providing support with your recovery friends.

3. Create/Join a Sober Book Club – sober summer activities

It doesn’t have to be mundane and boring, but pick out a fun book to read each month and meet to discuss.

4. Get Creative, awaken your talent and Learn a New Skill – sober summer activities

You’re never too old to learn a new skill. Get creative this summer by attending a class on writing or woodworking, or whatever it is that you’ve always been curious about. Find something in your area and sign up with some friends– (HINT: Art Museums and Libraries will usually host events like these).

5. Dust Off Your Grilling Skills – sober summer activities

If you’re like me the best part about this one is finding a cool new summer apron! Ok you might not be as excited about it as I am, but plan a small (or large) get together and show all your friends you’re the grill master you claim to be.

6. Go to a Museum – sober summer activities

This is a great way to cool off this summer and I find it to be a great way to find peace and quiet, great for meditation. As a bonus you’ll also get to see some cool art too! Click here to find a museum in your area.

7. Check out your local parks and trails – sober summer activities

Pack a backpack with some granola/snacks, water (lots of water to stay hydrated. Safety first!) grab some friends and climb up a mountain (or large hill). Don’t forget your camera/phone and Instagram some amazing photos! Click here to find a local park in your area!

8. Join a Recovery-oriented Sports Team – sober summer activities

Google (or Bing of your not much of a googler, lol) your way on to a clean and sober sports team this summer! Meet new people and find support in a recovery-oriented team.

9. Plant a Garden – sober summer activities

This is actually my favorite! Head over to your local plant nursery and let them help you plan out a vegetable garden. You’ll be getting some exercise and will have fresh fruits and veggies all summer long!

10. Attend a New Recovery Meeting – sober summer activities

Step out of the box and attended a different support meeting at a different time of day or area. This will allow you meet new people outside of your home group and help you expand your recovery support network.

So now you know my top ten sober summer activities, let us know what your favorite #SoberSummer activity is in the comments below

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~ A Mission For Michael Professional Staff