The Eleventh session of Setting Boundaries With Addiction in the Family begins September 14, 2013. It’s a five week workshop. Whether their family members are still in the disease or in early recovery, the Families in Recovery concept, the education, group process and fellowship has helped the non-addicted family members to gain a new, productive perspective about their journey. And with that perspective often comes hope and renewed sense of well-being.  If you know someone who needs support when there is addiction or early recovery in the family, we hope you encourage them to check out the Setting Boundaries Group. 

Setting Boundaries Group goals are to help you:
Discover the Four Stages for Families in Recovery and which stage your family is in.
Learn tools to lower your stress and anxiety regardless of the addict’s journey.
Learn how to develop a boundary system and maintain it.
Develop a specific action plan to keep those improvements in place.

Date and Time: Saturdays Starting this September 14, 2013 8:30 to 10:30 AM

Meetings are held at my office:
8:30 AM- 10:30 AM
27285 Las Ramblas #232
Mission Viejo, CA 92691 

Here is a link that has more detailed information.


or call 949-370-1777 for details or to register