Self Empowerment – The Inner Striptease Challenge

I get asked all the time how I am able to stay so calm during some of the ost alarming situations; my quick / funny answer is “The Inner Striptease”, my long winded answer is always “Self Empowerment”.
Be inspired by people doing the “Inner Striptease” and “stripping off all the inner clothes, layers of conditioning, limiting beliefs, trapped and stuck emotions and blocked energies, low vibrational states and frequencies”.

Be inspired by people sharing their authentic inner journey of empowerment and freedom, dong the inner work, their aha moments and realizations, results of applying personal and spiritual development processes and principles, real life experiences of shifting to higher level of awareness, authenticity, freedom and consciousness.

1. I will be doing my own personal “INNER STRIPTEASE” of taking off all the layers of conditioning, limiting beliefs and all the inner clothes that I don’t need anymore to show the beuty of my soul and heart and many others will join me in this mission! Let’s do some inner work and why not to call it “The Inner Striptease Challenge”?

The purpose is to demonstrate that doing “inner work” matters and create profound changes and transformations in people’s lives and inspire you to do inner work,  more self empowerment and authentic!

2. I will be doing “Entrepreneurial Inner Striptease DAILY DIARY” and will be stripping off everything that is limiting me from becoming a successful social entrepreneur! I feel this method will work for me, however, what are YOU going to do to create the self empowerment that you have always wanted? The purpose is to demonstrate using personal and spiritual development practices and principles into business and that anything is possible to create, sharing my entrepreneurial experience and journey with you to inspire you to start your own projects and businesses too and keep myself accountable and in alignment by sharing it publicly!

A Mission for Michael, would love to help wake up the INNER YOU and inspire to become the individual you have always wanted to be through self empowerment.

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