Addiction will take everything from you. It will take your significant other, your children, your home, your job, your money and it will take you. There are only 3 directions our disease is headed: jails, institutions and death. It will tell you any lie it has to keep you using. It is persistent and will not quit until you are dead.

What many people do not understand is the most important tool to achieving sobriety is a simple desire to get into a recovery lifestyle. I have worked in drug and alcohol treatment for the past 17 years. Currently, I am a primary therapist for A Mission for Michael. I have 19 years clean and sober. When I initially got sober, my choices were down to two. The first choice was to use until I die and the second choice was to get clean. At the time, I was too messed up to know I could go to detox and/or to treatment. Oh, and it would not have mattered since I had burned and bombed every bridge from here to the East Coast. I share this because in hind sight, I would have given anything to go through treatment –  and to go through treatment at A Mission for Michael.

Why do I share that with you? I have worked in addiction treatment a long time. I have built programs and run my own treatment facility. I have always worked with the basic philosophy of putting the client first and communicating at all levels so that the client gets the best treatment possible. I am at the stage in my development that if a company chooses another route (money first) I will walk away. A Mission for Michael is built on putting the client first.  They got into treatment because the owner’s son died from his addiction and mental health disorder, not because they were trying to make money. They communicate at all levels – the team is on the same page with each client and is acutely aware of what each client is experiencing on a daily basis. The treatment plans are individualized and adjusted to meet the changing needs of the client.

Additionally, the facility takes a dual diagnostic approach to providing treatment. Most addicts are self-medicating. The addiction and mood disorder (or trauma) must be addressed simultaneously or the chance for relapse increases. A Mission for Michael works on the whole person; on each of their individual parts and issues. We lovingly and truthfully walk the client through the painstaking process and provide them the essential tools upon which to build their new and sober life.

With Gratitude,

Dr. Martin Pennington