Dear Friends,

We are opening our doors at A Mission for Michael, Inc. on January 17, 2014 at 6:00pm for our Second Annual Open House. Michael’s portrait hangs in our front lobby, warmly lit by the holiday lights strung around the red poinsettias. The approaching holidays are a time of remembrance for people we have lost and a time for joy in being present with our loved ones. This can, quite obviously, be a difficult time for patients in treatment and their families. The air is crisp and cold and with the wind comes echoes of our so-called past failures, mistakes, things we should have said or things perhaps we shouldn’t. There is magic in children’s faces, hope in the hearts of many and beautiful, lighted things everywhere we look. It’s a perfect storm for sadness but also a perfect time for gratitude. Something just happens with us – the moment we get tired in waiting, God’s spirit is right alongside helping us along. (Romans 8:26Or perhaps it is simply in us all along; we were just too busy to notice it.

For the professionals that have referred to us, thank you. For families who have trusted us with their loved ones, thank you. For every single one of our patients, thank you. Thank you for guiding us and teaching us. We know that you were brought our way for a reason and the truth is simply that. In preparing to open up our space to you, we want you to know that most of our time is spent on direct patient care. We have all laughed saying that perhaps that isn’t the best business model (well, maybe it is!). Either way, it’s just who we are. Our aim is to demonstrate our principles of transparency, trust and truth. We welcome you to our place – it’s many families’ home away from home. Whatever feelings the holidays are bringing your way, remember: “the moment we get tired…

See you in January. My sincerest wishes for happiness, health and most of all, an attitude of gratitude.


Lindsey Means, Chief Operating Officer