We’re not going to give you some fake hoopla about how kids today are more at risk than they’ve ever been by a world full of drugs and distractions. The truth is that each generation of kids struggles with similar things, and each new generation of parents has had to help guide and prepare their kid to deal with social environments and curiosities that are far less than healthy for them. Here are some tips to help give your kids the confidence to say no to drugs and experimenting with substance abuse…

Show them with your actions

First of all, the number one thing to understand is that children are not always going to listen to what you say, but they will always be watching what you do (for better or worse). Because of this, it is important to be highly aware of your own actions around them, particularly with drinking. Children of parents who struggle with substance abuse are far more likely to experiment with drugs, themselves, while they are younger. Be the example that you need to be for your kids so that they have a role model that they can look up to in moments of pending weakness.

Be honest with them

When your child is growing up, there are going to be social interaction that they have that are beyond your control. That’s simply a hard truth about parenting. What you can control, however, is your own conversations with them, and make sure that they understand that they can talk to you if anyone offers them drugs or alcohol. Indeed, just by having these things in their view, they are bound to have plenty of questions. Be honest and open with them during these times, as it helps foster a better relationship and open communication.

Foster other interests

One of the best ways that you can give your kids the confidence to resist substance abuse is to help them be well-rounded people with their own identity and interests. Be active in your child’s life and help them figure out what they are into, or what intrigues them. It’s at times when we feel directionless and with low self-esteem that drugs and substance abuse can slip into our lives and take over without us realizing. Kids with activities and interest to focus on, therefore, are less at risk.