One of the most common obstacles that besets individuals who are considering seeking treatment for their addictions is fear. Fear of failure, fear of sobriety, fear of success—these are only a few of the types of fear that an addict might harbor prior to seeking treatment. Here is a look at the first four of eight common fears that might keep an addict away from treatment.

Fear of sobriety.

Some who are struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol have preconceptions about sobriety that could cause them to fear sobriety itself. Sobriety from the outside might appear boring or lacking in fun. In reality, however, sobriety opens the door to a new and fulfilling lifestyle, and if an individual puts focus on replacing old habits with new and wholesome ones, sobriety will be a much happier and exciting lifestyle than anything you leave behind.

Fear of failure.

Fear of failure isn’t exclusive to those coping with addiction; it can come to anyone who is considering making a change in life or trying something new. In terms of recovery from addiction, an addict might fear giving up on a treatment program early, or an eventual relapse. The reality is, however, that choosing to seek treatment for an addiction and even just starting the process is far more success than never starting at all. Moreover, you are given tools in recovery that will work to promote your continued success. And for those times when you might fall short in reaching your goals, there are always ways to come back and get back on track.

Fear of difficulty.

For some addicts, it isn’t a fear of failure that is holding them back but rather a fear that choosing to seek treatment for an addiction is choosing a life that will be continue to be difficult for years to come. While it is difficult to overcome addiction, a well-rounded treatment program is designed to helping recovering addicts through stages such as withdrawal, self-doubt, and relationship healing. Choosing to receive treatment is inviting the strengths of others to accompany you on your journey, and it welcomes in a set of tools that will turn recovery into a lifestyle that you truly enjoy.

Fear of success.

It may sound contradictory, but fear of success can actually be a major fear that holds an individual back from receiving treatment. Some feel that they are not deserving or worthy of a life that is better than addiction, and thus the thought of actually succeeding can be scary. Or, they might fear the commitment involved in actually succeeding along the recovery process. The important thing to remember here is that anyone and everyone—including you—is worthy of a life that is free of addiction, and this is a life that will offer much more fulfillment and satisfaction than any life centered around addiction could offer.