No one can do the work for you and there are no shortcuts or magic hat answers to the questions of recovery – but if you’re ready to give it your all then you’ll also appreciate the little tips and tricks that may help you to further that day-by-day recovery walk.

Technology won’t save you, but you might as well take advantage of what it can offer. Here are 7 quick tips and tricks for getting the most out of your laptop, phone and tablet that can help you stay sober.


7 Tips for Using Technology to Stay Sober


1. Download a Sobriety App

Instead of zoning out with mindless video games or videos on those long commutes to work, use the time to better effect by downloading sobriety applications for your phone or tablet and using downtime to get inspired, learn more recovery secrets and practice relapse prevention techniques.


2. Set Recovery Alarms

Stay focused on recovery by using your message-book to send yourself periodic sobriety alerts every few hours – such as inspirational messages or your personal goals for the day or week. This is a tactic that I have seen used by 1000’s to help them stay sober.


3. Keep Your Important Recovery Documents at Close Reach

As a relapse prevention tool you’ll probably want to write out your reasons for staying sober, your strategies for overcoming temptation and the numbers of the people you’ll want to call when cravings get particularly intense. Keep these important documents and anything else that gets you through the day – day-by-day, at close reach by carrying it all around with you in the convenient memory banks of your phone or tablet.


4. Write Passwords That Serve Double Duty as Recovery Reminders

You have to type something into those all those username and password boxes each day so you might as well type something that reminds you of what you’re striving towards, for example:

  • Sober!since!may3!
  • *ready-for-serenity*


5. Find an Online Support Group

With hundreds of millions of in-recovery people on the internet each day there is almost certainly a support community to help you stay sober out there that’s just perfect for you.

Find an online community that matches your needs and preferences and check in daily, to get the support you need, and to lend a hand to those around you that struggle as you do.


6. Get Online Counseling

If you’re like most people in recovery then you grapple with more than just your urges to drink or use drugs – and if you are like most then you’d benefit enormously from the support and counsel of a well matched therapist; this is a critical component that will help you stay sober.

Find someone that works for you, and since you can hold sessions online, don’t let worries about scheduling or inconvenience deter you.


7. Listen to Online Recovery Radio

You’ll hardly find recovery oriented radio channels on your local FM radio band, but on the internet you’ll unearth more than you’d ever need, so forget that inane drive-time radio banter and use your radio time to maximize your odds of stretching your sobriety time!


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